Are Your Headlines Search Engine Friendly?

How often do you optimize your headlines for search engines? Ask any SEO expert or writer and he or she will surely tell you that there is a variety in client brief in more ways than one. If a properly optimized headline is what everyone roots for these days, how will you make yours as unique as possible?

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The SEO company you hire is probably the one who will instill the importance of headlines in you. Following a thorough and comprehensive discussion with them, you can put everything in the right perspective to determine what the 50-character title will be able to do for your article or blog. This must build trust, stoke interest and stay true to the very essence of your blog as a whole.

What does a headline mean for your story?

Headlines have the vital responsibility of serving as a guide for search engines to know what the audience is searching for. While brands are clamoring for improved visibility for the search queries, they have to duly acknowledge the crucial role that headlines play in bolstering their efforts. Most of the time, search queries have a length of two or four words including the right keywords. Obviously, aside from matching the most relevant and common queries, the headlines you use must also be unique.

You can actually keywords as a very crucial part of any SEO-rich headline. If it is not possible for you to insert your exact keywords such as benefit concert Los Angeles or DJ New York, you can at least try to include some short phrases with a close relation to your write up. Instead of using benefit concert Los Angeles or DJ New York, you can use benefit concert or DJ alone.

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When your blog has been written by a popular name, such as a famous author or columnist, then, the SEO expert must focus on optimizing your byline too as this is something which will likely bring the author’s followers to your article or story. Don’t forget to use the full name of the author and not just his or her first name or surname alone. For example, this blog has fishing in the URL and so fishing SEO would be a useful anchor text to use.

Search terms have the tendency to include numerous proper nouns or common names. You can consider using names of people, places and organizations in the story, only when they fit there, and in doing so, you will surely be able to address a bigger number of search queries. You can also use these proper names in the headlines if possible.

Be Wary of Overuse

While it is good to come up with SEO-friendly headlines, you should still be extra careful to ensure that you don’t go overboard with the attempts you make. At the end of the day, your main job is to get the attention of people with interesting and unique headlines. Putting excessive importance on SEO could turn out counterproductive if you are not too careful.

The next time you write your headlines, think of SEO without being too fixated on it.

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