Fishing Charters Lorraine

Fishing Charters Lake Erie Lorraine

We work with only the best of the best Charter Captains and fishing guides to serve you with the very best day on the lake.

We are a charter brokering service.

Here is why that is an advantage to you as a potential paying customer.

Lake Erie is vast and the fishing action is not equally distributed at any given time of the year. 

Most charters have to fill their schedule to make a living. We don’t begrudge them that.

Lorraine Fishing Charters

However, as experienced fishing professionals ourselves, having many years of tournament and charter hours on the lake at many different locations, and we can tell you first hand that there are certain places that are the “ place to be” at certain times of the year.

Therefore, we only book our trips when it is best for you at the very best location for that calendar date.

Trust us when we say that this is critical to your success.

When you are putting down hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for a day or multiple days on the water you want that experience to be as pleasurable and fulfilling as possible. 

We know there are bumper stickers that say “ a bad day on the water is better than a great day at work”. To each his own, and if you are just content to be out there, and the number of fish you catch is secondary, we can understand that. However, it’s hard to express the feeling that a great day and a great catch can provide. It’s just one of those memories that never seem to go away.

We have many of those memories ourselves and want to pass that feeling on to you. Let us share our passion and help you have the best experience at the best location.

So….let us help you have one or several of those days by calling us now!

Call or email today to book your best location before all the good spots book up!